Educate. Recruit. Engage. Mobilize.


From a campaign’s communications strategy wrapped in local intelligence, to sophisticated targeting of online and offline audiences, to branding and key messages in paid, earned and social media, our communications experts and capabilities help shape and define your campaign’s voice.


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Grassroots & Grasstops

DDC offers unprecedented reach into every legislative district and DMA in the country and around the world. With a field network 400+ strong and local outreach specialists highly trained in relationship building, we offer critical local insight and intelligence, so you can engage audiences where you need to most.

  • Local Intelligence

    With boots on the ground and trusted insight at the community level, we develop customized engagement strategies that ensure your message reaches the right audiences.

  • Grasstops

    We engage strategic communicators, build coalitions, generate media coverage, and condition the political environment so decision-makers understand how an issue is playing out back home.

  • Grassroots

    Our campaign platforms deliver your message en masse—while telling the real stories of real people on issues that matter to them—at the intersection of your core issues and constituents’ core beliefs.


We use the industry’s most sophisticated micro-targeting, data analytics and audience modeling tools. From there, we help you make connections that matter for your cause. So you can engage advocates through online channels they know and trust and leverage messages we know will resonate.

Data Analytics & Micro-Targeting

We offer high-performance analytics to process millions of data points so you know exactly who your advocates are and how to reach them—with a recruitment message that sells itself. The payoff? A valuable advocate community that’s just as passionate about your issue as you are.


Our online and traditional advertising is laser focused. It’s informed by analytics, message testing, and audience research. And that’s how we reach the right advocate at the right time through the right medium.

Online & Traditional Paid Media

Cost-efficient and effective, our targeted advertising campaigns find advocates willing to take action both online and off.


Broadcast Media

Our award-winning team can manage all aspects of your TV, radio or digital video campaign. We take complicated issues, develop simple solutions and then quickly produce spots that are effective and memorable.

Recent productions:

Media Relations

Drawn from Capitol Hill and national PR and advertising firms, DDC’s dedicated PR team helps clients tell their stories in critical outlets by developing strategies with measurable results and impact on target audiences, attitudes, and behavior.

  • Media Engagement

    Our long-standing relationships with reporters, editors and bloggers provide opportunities to shape narratives, condition environments and turn emerging crises into opportunities—while bolstering your image.

  • Local Earned Media

    We identify and engage influential advocates to serve as message surrogates for your cause—by sharing their personal stories for how an issue impacts them, their constituencies, and their communities—in op-eds, and letters to the editor that are carried in national, state and local media outlets.

  • Media Tours & Training

    We develop unique media events that drive conversations and secure sustained coverage for your brand or issue, and then provide media training to help advocates feel comfortable in front of a microphone.

Social Media

How brands engage audiences in the social sphere is a critical component to shaping brand and issue narratives and building effective advocate communities.

  • Social Management

    We create, manage and monitor our client’s presence across social media platforms and encourage participation in communities through an ongoing content strategy that keeps advocates informed, engaged, and sharing.

  • Online Recruitment

    Our recruitment ad campaigns find the most highly qualified leads at the lowest possible cost per advocate, drive them to take action without leaving the social platform, and track them in your advocate database for future mobilizations both online and off.

  • Monitoring & Digital Rapid Response

    The social media conversations about your brand or issue happen with or without you. We offer a rapid response team to continually monitor the landscapes, identify areas for engagement, and manage narratives and perceptions about your brand in real time.

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