The biggest names in energy turn to DDC.

The U.S. energy industry leads the worldwide revolution in energy innovation. With that leadership, America’s energy sector has also become the focus of a well-funded and aggressive opposition movement that is focused on stopping the efficient production and distribution of energy at the federal, state, and local level. Every sector faces ongoing, protracted challenges in city councils, county commissions, state and federal regulatory agencies, legislatures, and at the ballot box.

DDC's Energy Practice Group has a trusted record of success shaping issue advocacy campaigns that effectively fight back against these challenges. Working daily with the largest trade associations and corporations in the industry, the Energy Practice Group is able to shape public policy outcomes, fight electoral battles, and anticipate and stop threats before they obstruct growth and operations. Using the latest technology and applying the most advanced political and advocacy campaign strategies, DDC has an unparalleled record of mobilizing constituents, turning the tide, and winning tough battles at the local, state, and federal level.

Core Principles

The way we approach modern issue advocacy and full spectrum public affairs programs is unrivaled in our industry. We focus on cross-channel communication strategies, dynamic analytics, digital technology and a personalized ground game to help our clients defeat daily threats. We have guided clients on complex issues before Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state legislatures, city councils and a host of other regulatory agencies and legislative bodies.

  • Experience Matters

    Our team possesses deep and diverse experience in energy issues and operations as well as the goals and capabilities of the opposition.

  • Build it Right the First Time

    Successful issue advocacy – like successful political campaigns – depends on advanced campaign infrastructure.

  • Force Advocacy Multipliers Exist

    In the age of social media and 24 hour news cycles, issue advocacy campaigns must identify and meet influencers where they make the biggest impact.

  • You Have More Friends Than You Think

    Building a broad coalition of allies can often be the difference between winning and losing, and DDC’s reach into local communities ensures the energy industry has the local support it needs when it needs it.



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