Sara Sendek

Associate Vice President, Client Relations

Sara Sendek serves as Associate Vice President of Client Relations for DDC. In her role, Sara works with clients to develop and manage issue advocacy programs, and communications strategies on behalf of DDC clients. Sara has been on the front lines breaking down complex policy for candidates, elected officials and national political committees into precisely targeted messaging points that resonate with voters across the country. She understands that education, persuasion and mobilization need to be woven into a cohesive strategy in order to effectively impact how constituents engage on the critical issues her clients face. For years, she has effectively helped her clients at the local, state and federal level.

Most recently, Sara served as the Republican National Committee Communications Director for Nevada for the 2016 election cycle. In this role, Sara was responsible for developing messaging and strategy surrounding candidates and campaigns on the federal and state level. She also was responsible for planning, coordinating and executing media operations for the “First in the West” Nevada Republican President Caucus.

Sara previously served at the RNC as the Director of External Communications in the Chairman’s Office and as a Regional Press Secretary. Sara also has extensive communications experience working on Capitol Hill and serving on top-tier Senate and gubernatorial races, and served as White House Director of Rapid Response under President George W. Bush.

Sara graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and Communications from Indiana University.