AJ Casale

Vice President, Digital

AJ Casale is DDC’s Vice President of Digital content. AJ oversees the advertising, insights and data analytics, and social media divisions within DDC, managing full-scale digital media campaigns. AJ previously served as DDC’s Director of Insights & Paid Media, where he worked closely with clients to develop and manage advertising campaigns from strategy and planning to execution.

AJ joined DDC upon its 2011 acquisition of BlueFront Strategies, where he served as Vice President. Previously, AJ was an Associate Director at the White House Office of Political Affairs. In this role, he served as the President’s political liaison to Members of Congress, Governors, state and local officials, political candidates, and political parties in the Northeast region. Prior to his experience at the White House, AJ worked for the Republican National Committee and two presidential campaigns.

AJ received his B.A. in Political Communication from The George Washington University, and is currently pursuing his J.D. from Catholic University’s Columbus School of law.