Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC

Contract Number: Contract No. – GS-07F-0763X

Contract Type: Task order

Dates of Performance: September 2013 – September 2015

Customer Contact:
Tai N. Baker, Public Health Educator, CDC 4770 Buford Hwy. NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
Phone: (770) 488-5175


Arthritis affects 50 million US adults but receives substantially less media coverage than other major chronic diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) engaged DDC to help enhance the capacity of the CDC Arthritis Program and their state health departments to communicate arthritis treatment and prevention messages effectively through public relations and communications channels.


Working with CDC spokespeople, experts and team leaders, DDC’s public relations professionals designed a targeted strategy and communication plan to reach their target audiences, change attitudes about arthritis and impact behavior to ensure the Arthritis Program’s success.

We built a public relations campaign focused on targeted communications to key audiences to achieve public awareness and education, disseminating strategically crafted messaging and engaging infographics and share-graphics, and running a large earned and paid media campaign.


Through expansive national and local media coverage, we connected arthritis sufferers to existing programs in their states and empowered the CDC and state health departments to better communicate in their markets.

DDC embarked on an all-out media blitz involving thousands of emails, hundreds of calls, and dozens of one-on-one reporter contacts a month. Guided by an editorial calendar with unique messaging for target audiences, our work put arthritis in the national spotlight, helping the CDC promote arthritis control through multiple channels, and capture the attention of a broad audience in an already crowded media landscape.

To date, we have garnered over 100 earned media hits in targeted local media.


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