American Public Transportation Association – APTA

Contract Type: Multi-year, seven figure contract focused on education and advocacy engagement in support of long-term infrastructure and investment funding for public transportation and public transit.

Dates of Performance: March 2013 – current

Customer Contact:
Mantill Williams
Director, Advocacy Communications 1666 K Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20006


America’s public transportation infrastructure needs additional, long-term funding in order to meet the demands of current and future population growth in urban, suburban, and exurban areas, as well as allow for expansion into communities and regions that currently lack public transportation options.


In order to influence the conversation surrounding the passage of the FAST Act and beyond, APTA launched an advocate community: Voices for Public Transit (VPT). VPT builds a groundswell of public support to drive grassroots momentum for comprehensive transportation and infrastructure. In order to achieve this objective, DDC first tries to uncover high-value audiences through consumer research, micro-targeting and digital recruitment and engagement strategies.

VPT built a digital advocate community that could be ready to mobilize on multiple transportation issues. In order to drive advocates to action, messaging is continually deployed via multiple communication channels, all adapting the following three key elements: highlighting the benefits of transportation, finding an emotional hook for advocates, and telling a compelling transit story. VPT deploys and tests messaging across different communication platforms, to find the right platforms to reach the right advocates.


As a result of our overall campaign, APTA successfully engages tens of thousands of community members and has recruited, to date, more than 203,000 advocates into the Voices for Public Transit program. These advocates have participated and continue to participate in a variety of mobilization efforts in which Voices for Public Transit is engaged.

More than 125,000 viewers have watched the YouTube video, with the average view duration of 1:15. With our last call to action, our advocates have submitted over 1,500 letters to the 329 different legislators, calling on Congress to take action.

Our advocate community stands tall at over 203,000 committed advocates representing every congressional district across the country.


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